Malik VSMinteractive System Presentation from St. Gallen - Switzerland

On Saturday 14-06-2014, time 10:00 - 12:00 a.m. Greek time (09:00 - 11:00 a.m. Europe) and within the CSAP Professional Program schedule, you will have the opportunity to attend from St. Gallen, Switzerland, the presentation of the MALIK VSMinteractive System based on VSM Model of Beer.

The Presentation of Malik VSMinteractive System will be done by :

Maria Sourla, Senior Project Manager

Vasso Sourla, Executive Director Global Operations

Annalisa Tsakona, Global Relations

Please have a look at the material underneath.

Malik_VSM-Brochure, Malik_VSMinteractive_Flyer, Malik_VSMinteractive-Presentation, Malik-company-profile-hand-out2-en, Malik-Microsoft_Case Study

Please note that ITC Manager for this LIVE presentation via Webex of Cisco is Mr. Alexander Miaris. For any ITC problem, please communicate with him through email : .

There are only 23 virtual seat for the LIVE presentation via Webex of Cisco.

You have to apply for a virtual seat through HERE.

It is recommended that HSSS and CSAP Members be at the University of Piraeus, Lecture Room 336, 3rd floor, as after this presentation Mr. Dimitrios Varsos, will present real Professional Projects using Systemic Methodologies.
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